What materials do you use?

My statement earrings are made of polymer clay and are finished with high grade surgical stainless steel. The connector rings are usually made of stainless steel or brass. Resin is another material I love to work with (the ones with a high gloss finish). This is also a very lightweight material. I am conscious about the environment and about the impact of plastic on the world. Scrap polymer clay (leftover from projects) are always reused. I am always working on improving my existing techniques and working method and reducing waste as much as possible.

I have sensitive ears, can I wear your earrings?

I know how you feel! It is such a bummer finding that lovely pair of earrings, only to find out you can’t wear them because the earring post is made from brass. With Kim Vane design earrings you won’t suffer from itchy, achy or even red earlobes. Although all my handmade earrings are unique, they have one thing in common: they are all finished with high quality stainless surgical steel. As long as you do not have a metal allergy, you can easily wear the earrings by Kim Vane design. No more itchy or sensitive ears! A little bit of rubbing alcohol on the posts and your earlobes now and then won’t hurt! The earrings are also very lightweight and weigh next to nothing. You will hardly notice that you are wearing them. Only when you receive yet another compliment for looking so great:-).

Are those big earrings not too heavy?

The earrings are not heavy at all. They are ultra light and wearable. Most people are very positively surprised when they hold the earrings in their hands and even more impressed wearing them. Being lightweight is a very big plus for polymer clay earrings. Most earrings weigh up to 6 grams per pair. If you are still unsure about the weight, feel free to drop me an email: kimvanedesign [at]  gmail . com.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, that's possible! Contact me by e-mail, or send me a message on social media or Whatsapp, and I will gladly tell you more about the possibilities.

I'm looking for a pair of earrings with a specific outfit, help!

You are at the right place! On my website you will find many different and unique earrings suited for a lot of different outfits and or styles. I can also advise you on what would look good with your face or with an outfit. Send me an email, a message on social media or Whatsapp!

I am looking for a nice colorful gift for my girlfriend, sister, mother.

On the website you will find many different beautiful and unique earrings. If you can't make a decision, I'll be happy to help. Please contact me to find out what is possible. I also have a gift card available, so the receiver can choose on her own. All orders are beautifully packed, ready to gift, with a handwritten card. I would love to write a personal note on your behalf for your sister, mother or girlfriend. Use the comments field with your order to state your personal message. I'll write this on a card for you, free of charge. In this way, you give a very personal gift!

 Witte unieke handgemaakte statement oorbellen Kim Vane design