Betty studs

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These statement studs are perfect if you want to add something funky to your ears.

These lovely earrings are big in size, but will not weigh you down. So, you are a fan of big earrings but afraid they might tear your earlobe or are too heavy? These earrings are so lightweight you won't believe it! The pair weighs only 10 grams, which is about a sugarcubes per earring. That is really next to nothing. You will definitely be surprised at how lightweight these earrings are and how light you will feel. It's like putting on a pair of high heels, without the risk of twisting your ankle. How great is that!

Measurements: 4.5 x 3.5 centimetres

1 cm = 0.39 inches

This coloured speckled design is made with scraps from other projects, so these earrings are partly recycled. We all try our best to take care of the environment. I always think about being as responsible as I can with all the earrings I make. And since you are here: thank you so much for shopping for, or at least considering buying a handmade product. That's cool!

The length of these studs is 4.5 centimetres, the width is about 3.5 centimetres. That is a big statement piece! And you know what, you deserve that feeling of being on top of the world!